‘El Betlem de Tirisiti’ of Alcoy


‘Tirisiti’s Betlem’ is one of the most attractive and original Christmas offers. This unique puppet play has been performed in Alcoy for over a hundred years.

From December 23 to January 5, thousands of children and adults will laugh with the jokes, satires and occurrences of “Tirisiti”, a shameless and lazy innkeeper who narrates, in a typical alcoyana way, biblical scenes, local traditions and everyday moments, as well as some references to the latest news.

Although this pantomime like show is in a mixture of Valencian and Spanish, jokes are perfectly clear for everyone, especially kids who are encouraged to interact with Tirisiti and the rest of the characters during the show.

Performances take place in the local Teatro Principal.

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El Betlem de Tirisiti 2020: programme


December 31
16:30 — 20:15

Teatro Principal (Alcoy)

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