Guided tours “El Campello”


El Campello offers a series of guided and recreated visits during the summer.

The guided tours (in Spanish, English and French) will show us some points of interest of El Campello, such as Villa Marco and the Illeta, where visitors will contemplate its landscapes and learn about its history from the hand of an official guide.

The recreated visits (only in Spanish), are a different and fun way to experience the history of the town through its protagonists.

  • Recreated visit “A journey through the time of Villa Marco”: A walk through the gardens surrounding the mansion, in which the characters that inhabited this estate will come out to us.
  • Guided tour “Villa Marco, modernist gardens”: A guided tour of the gardens of Villa Marco. A walk in which our guide, among arbors, passageways and sculptures will tell us the interesting history of the estate and the characters who lived there.
  • Guided tour “La Illeta, crossroads of civilizations”: We will visit La Torre de la Illeta and learn about its history, origins and the role it played and we will walk along part of the Voramar de les Escultures promenade. By courtesy of MARQ, we will be able to visit the archaeological site of “La Illeta dels Banyets” for free until the end of the year.

The visits will take place during the months of June to September, on different days and times (at 10:00 in the morning visits and at 19:00 hours in the afternoon visits). All of them are free of charge and prior reservation is required.

More information and booking

Cartel Visitas El Campello 2021

September 25
10:00 — 11:00

El Campello

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