Terra Natura (Benidorm)


Terra Natura Benidorm is a new generation zoo in Benidorm (Alicante).

The park has been designed to offer a complete zoo-immersion, a new concept in habitat design that allows visitors to safely observe animals through barriers invisible to the human eye.

Terra Natura Benidorm occupies around 320 000 square metres, and is home to over 1 500 animals from 200 different species. The park is in turn divided into four areas: Europe, Pangea, America and Asia.

Species that stand out are hunting birds such as falcons, eagles or owls, exotic birds such as flamingos, toucans or macaws, poisonous creatures such as tarantulas, scorpions or reptiles and mammals such as monkeys, llamas, jaguars, ocelots, tigers, lions, rhinoceroses or elephants.

Terra Natura Benidorm is not just an animal park, its a lot more than that, offering not only the opportunity to see different specimens but also peculiarities of their habitat, vegetation and of each species.

Its varied educational and outdoor activities make it an idyllic place for families to enjoy nature and for young ones to learn whilst having fun.

Additional facilities such as parking areas, lockers, changing rooms, gift shops, picnic areas, kiosks, restaurants and a multi-adventure area with suspension bridges, zip lines, swings and barrels guarantee a lovely day out for all.

Open to the public over 300 days a year, from 7 January to 30 December, 2023, with opening and closing times that vary over the course of the year.

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Terra Natura (Benidorm)

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