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Alicante hosts the ‘II Festival de Flamenco Mediterráneo’


II Festival de Flamenco Mediterráneo


This Mediterreanean flamenco festival, organised by the Caja Mediterráneo Foundation, will be held from 2 November 1 to December at the ´Aula de Cultura de Alicante´.

Many of today’s most famous flamenco artists will take part with a complete programme including all flamenco skills such as singing, dancing, guitar, hand-clapping and percussion.

Some of the participants of this edition will be:

  • Singers Arcángel, José El Mijita, Alfredo Tejada and Juana la del Pipa.
  • Dancers La Lupi, Patricia Guerrero, Rafael Estévez, Carmen Herrera and the Andalucía Flamenco Ballet.
  • Guitarists Dani de Morón, Curro de María, Pepe del Morao and Salvador Gutiérrez.
  • Flamenco Christmas with Zambomba de Jerez percussion.


The ‘Festival de Flamenco Mediterráneo’ is divided into four main parts with six shows, and in parallel, four master classes, two screenings and a photography competition about the festival.


II Festival de Flamenco Mediterráneo: conciertos


II Festival de Flamenco Mediterráneo: master class


II Festival de Flamenco Mediterráneo: documentales

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