‘Stars Gala 2019’


Stars Gala 2019

By russianmastersballet.coms

See great Russian ballet stars by the Russian Masters Ballet on 28 July at the Teatro Principal de Alicante.

‘Stars Gala’. Classical ballet at its best. Bringing together a selection of top dancers from some of the world’s best companies Performing emblematic pieces of classical ballet such as ‘Don Quixote’, ‘La Bayaderèe’, ‘Corsario’, ‘La Muerte del Cisne’ or ‘Llamas de París’.

Undoubtedly a unique opportunity to discover ballet from the best, as well as its different stages and styles throughout history.

Guest stars will perform alongside over 100 of the best Russian Masters Ballet Camp students.

Invited guests

Polina Semionova, Ivan Zaytsev, Elena Evseeva, Renata Shakirova, Alexei Timofeyev, Denis Untila, Aidos Zakan, Evgenia Victory Gonzalez and Polina Rassadina.

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