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Christmas in Alicante 2020-2021


Navidades en Alicante 2020-2021


Alicante presents an extensive programme of Christmas activities in which traditions are maintained and the safety of the residents is preserved, in compliance with the anti-VID-19 regulations.

The programme contains many family proposals organised in different locations around the city such as:

  • From 27 November to 6 January: Belén Oficial, in Alicante Town Hall.
  • From 28 November to 10 January: Christmas Market and Children’s Exhibition, in Plaza Séneca.
  • From 30 November to 6 January: Social Nativity Scene, in Plaza de la Montañeta.
  • From 1 December to 6 January: Sagrada Familia Monumental, in Plaza del Ayuntamiento.
  • From 4 to 24 December: La Casita de San Nicolás, in Plaza Séneca.
  • From 4 December to 7 January: El Portalet de Belén, in Calle Labradores 15.
  • From 1 to 5 January: The Royal Camp of the messengers of the Three Kings, in Plaza Gabriel Miró.


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