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‘Fiesta de la Vendimia de la Vall del Pop’ (Grape Harvest Festival)


Fiesta de la Vendimia


On 26 September La Vall del Pop area inaugurates the wine season with a night harvest in Xalò (Alicante).

Due to intense heat night-time harvesting used to be a frequent activity in wine-growing regions. This was also a way to guarantee that the grapes were kept at an adequate temperature before being crushed.

The activity starts at 20:00 at the Riko Xalò bodega. A budding oenologist will accompany participants to a vineyard to harvest the grapes. Afterwards, back at the bodega, back to basics with barefoot grape treading.

To wrap up the evening there will be a traditional sausage menu served with other typical local products. All washed down with local valley wine.

Reserve your spot at Price EUR 25 p/p.

Fiesta de la Vendimia: cartel




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