‘Fiesta de la Vendimia de la Vall del Pop’ (Grape Harvest Festival)


Fiesta de la Vendimia

By totvalldepop.com

On 26 September La Vall del Pop area inaugurates the wine season with a night harvest in Xalò (Alicante).

Due to intense heat night-time harvesting used to be a frequent activity in wine-growing regions. This was also a way to guarantee that the grapes were kept at an adequate temperature before being crushed.

The activity starts at 20:00 at the Riko Xalò bodega. A budding oenologist will accompany participants to a vineyard to harvest the grapes. Afterwards, back at the bodega, back to basics with barefoot grape treading.

To wrap up the evening there will be a traditional sausage menu served with other typical local products. All washed down with local valley wine.

Reserve your spot at www.totvalldepop.com. Price EUR 25 p/p.

Fiesta de la Vendimia: cartel




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