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Alicante hosts ‘Autumn in the Parks’ – open air shows


Autumn in the Parks


From 7 October to December 8, families can enjoy a selection of 10 shows in the city’s parks.

All shows are free and take place in one of Alicante’s parks: Lo Morant, La Marjal, El Palmeral and El Tossal.

Shows range from plays, storytelling, puppets and musicals to clowns or magic and all start at 12.00.

With ‘Autumn in the parks’ culture hits the city whilst making the most of Alicante’s nice autumn weather and its parks.


  • Sunday, October 7: Chispita y Agustín descubren las emociones (Musical Storytelling) in Parque La Marjal.
  • Sunday, October 14: Los duendes de la ciudad (Urban Ecology) in Parque Lo Morant.
  • Sunday, October 21: Tornillo Magic Clown (Magic) in Parque Tossal.
  • Sunday, October 28: Tradicional querido Watson (Oral Narrative) in Parque El Palmeral.
  • Sunday, November 4: Historias de la abuela ciruela y la ardilla pilla (Puppets) in Parque La Marjal.
  • Sunday, November 11: La torre de la sabiduría (Puppets) in Parque Lo Morant.
  • Sunday, November 18: Pulgarcito (Teather) in Parque El Palmeral
  • Sunday, November 25: Contar y cantar todo es empezar (Oral Narrative) in Parque Tossal.
  • Thursday, December 6: Garbancito en la barriga del buey (Puppets) in Parque Lo Morant.
  • Saturday, December 8: Blancanieves (Puppets) in Parque El Palmeral.
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