Cala Ferris (Torrevieja)


Cala Ferris

If we thought that in Torrevieja we could not find the desired peace, we erred again in our foresights. More typical of an oasis in Morocco is the picture that we get from the water of this modest but evocative cove, for during our comforting bath, what draws our attention are the numerous date palms that, in a beautiful picture, not common on our beaches , they raise their fine trunks towards the sky, distilling all the Mediterranean flavor in their fruits.

Cala Ferris

Located to the south of the center of Torrevieja, to little three kilometers of the busiest beach of the Naufragos, between the urbanizations of the Veleta and Rocio del Mar, in a section where still the symbolic trees that constitute the buildings, let us see the fantastic forest of sands and blue beaches.

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