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Discover the Three King Cavalcade in Alcoy, the oldest in Spain


Cabalgata Reyes Magos de Alcoy


With this special procession that dates back to 1885, children eagerly await the arrival of the Three Kings Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar.

On 5 January starting around 18.00 over a thousand participants parade through the city centre of Alcoy. Musicians, torchbearers and shepherds accompany Their Majesties, while hundreds of black painted pages (‘els negres’) fill the streets with ladders to reach household balconies delivering gifts to local children.

At the end of the cavalcade, neighbours and visitors alike gather in the Plaza de España to witness one of the most symbolic moments of the afternoon when the Three Wise Men bow before baby Jesus and deliver their traditional gifts (gold, incense and myrrh). This is act is followed by a spectacular firework display illuminating the square.

The parade is a huge finale to a whole series of activities that take place prior to the day:

  • ‘Pastorets’ parade or shepards parade done by children dressed as shepherds with their flocks (Sunday before 5 January).
  • ‘El Bando’ ceremony proclaiming the arrival of the Royal Ambassador and his pages (4 January).
  • ‘La Burreta’ parade following the proclamation. In this parade, which also includes traditional dances and songs, children can deposit their letters for the Three Kings in postboxes carried by black and white donkeys (04 January 19:00).
  • ‘Three Kings’ camp’. Visit the camp up in the local mountain, see the tent where gifts are organised or visit the camels and other animals that accompany the royal entourage (5 January 9:00 to 15:00).
  • ‘Belén de Tirisiti’. Fun puppet shows recreating the arrival of the Three Kings (Until 5 January).
  • Exhibition of Nativity Scenes at the Church of Santa María, Santa Rosa and Círculo Industrial (Until 5 January).


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