‘La Bouche – The Show’ variety show in Alicante


La Bouche The Show

By labouche.es

This show offers an explosive mix of humour, acrobatic virtuosity and sensuality that is unique to its genre.

‘The Show’s’ first stop in Spain is in Alicante, from 21 September to 21 October. Adans Peres, the producer, is well-known worldwide for being a talented artistic director and has worked in many famous theatres and international shows such as the Moulin Rouge in Paris and le Cirque du Soleil.

This variety show is full of surprises and has a great theatrical force, bringing spectators into the hilarious world of parody, comedy, cabaret dances and incredible acrobatics performed by some of the best artists of their type in the world.

All these elements are combined with incredible live music so as to transport spectators into this surprising and incomparable world of entertainment.

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