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Torrevieja – traditional fishing for all with the ‘Pescaturismo’ program


PescaTurismo Torrevieja


With this project, developed by the company ‘Ociomar Torrevieja’ in collaboration with the local fishermen’s association, visitors can enjoy firsthand the unknown world of fishing out at sea along with local fishermen.

Visitors have three experience options to chose from.

  • Marine routes: visit the fishing pier and fish auction.
  • Marine Excursion: boat trip to see the fishermen at work.
  • PescaTurismo: embark and feel like a true fisherman.


Visitors can then buy fish directly on the boat and/or the auction and even have a taste at the port of some of the fresh fish caught that day.

This program, which turns Torrevieja into a great seafaring tourist destination, starts in October and is foreseen to be offered all year round.




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