Visit ‘Alcoy’s II Modernist Fair’ from 17 to 23 September


II Feria Modernista de Alcoy

By @firamodernistaalcoi

This year’s fair is dedicated to the renowned Alcoy sculptor Lorenzo Ridaura (1871-1962).

From Monday to Friday take a free-guided tour to visit some of the most significant modernist buildings and constructions the town has to offer.

The morning tours will be mainly for schoolchildren and the afternoon ones for the general public.

Many local shops will join in the fun by setting the scene and there will also be activities such as exhibitions, seminars, technical conferences, modelling workshops and workshops on designing and manufacturing modernist clothing.

During the weekend, from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, enjoy a great family day out with parades, dances, children’s games, food, exhibitions, performances and concerts at Alcoy’s main modernist park ‘La Glorieta’.


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